Low-Carbon, Environmentally Friendly Websites

More than just a website. At PageCraft we provide sustainable web-design services and hosting for environmentally conscious organizations and companies.

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Dave Hamilton
Dave Hamilton
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There's a reason that we renew our contract with PageCraft year after year. Corey's a very smart guy and easy to work with.
Carrie Cullen-Hitt
Carrie Cullen-Hitt
National Offshore Wind
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There's absolutely no question that Corey continuously goes above and beyond for National Offshore Wind.
Richard Bourgeois
Richard Bourgeois
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It really shows that Corey loves his clients and his work. I'd highly recommend PageCraft to any of my colleagues.

Environmentally Focused

We don’t just provide “green” web hosting like some of our competitors. Instead, PageCraft provides a holistic approach to sustainable web design services from start to finish to ensure that we produce measurable impact.

Better Design / Lower Emissions

Slow, poorly-optimized websites require more page-requests and utilize more electricity causing more carbon emissions. At PageCraft we design optimized websites that not only look good, but are better for the environment.

Clean-Energy Powered Hosting

Just because a hosting company is “green” doesn’t mean they’re good. Our hosting partner uses a combination of solar/wind energy to power their datacenters in addition to offering industry-leading stability, performance, and support.

Help Heal the Planet

We don’t want to just talk the talk, we want to walk it too. For every single page that we build we’ve pledged to plant one tree through our partner Onetreeplanted.org. This helps further reduce the impact of our work on the environment.

Portrait of Pagecraft founder Corey Harrington

A Note From the Founder

“The population on average doesn’t understand the impact that the internet has on the environment. To this day, even well-meaning, environmentally focused organizations still use fossil-fuel powered hosting and inefficient web-design practices, unaware of the fact that they’re contributing to increased carbon-emissions.

It’s time to start building a cleaner web.”

Signature of Pagecraft founder Corey Harrington